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Project Description
A collection of easy to use Xna components for aiding a game programmer in developing thee next big thing. I plan on using the components from this to make a game of my own. Its developed in C# using the Xna library, and the components will be Xbox360 and Windows PC compatible.

This Project currently has support for:
  • Rendering a 2D HUD.
  • Input from a Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Input from the XBox360 Controller, including the Chat-pad and events.

The next release will be an updated version, with more functionality, and stability fixes. Once the current components are optimized, i will begin work on a 2D drawer which supports Animated GIFF images, moving and spinning text and images, fading, and other functions which could be useful in creating a Heads Up Display for 2D and 3D Games. I have no written time-line in which this will be done because my schedule is unpredictable, but I will try to post updates as often as possible. If this project is still running after that component is complete, i will begin work on the next component, the AIO (All in one) 3D engine, including rendering textured and animated model, with animation blending and speed controls, a simple yet versatile 3D Partial Engine, and a Lighting engine, which, hopefully, will collectively be more efficient than 3 separate components working individually.

This project will no longer be updated.

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